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Fargo (TV series)! SimCity 4 (Mac)! Labor Day!

Dziś wszystkiego po trochu i może objętościowo niezbyt dużo, za to jakościowo już mam nadzieję jak najbardziej „si”. Największa siurpryza to dla mnie Fargo w formie serialu z Billy Bob Thorntonem i braćmi Coen maczającymi paluchy w produkcji. Wprost drżę z chęci obejrzenia tego… A co poza tym?

Filmy: Labor Day (zdaje się, że coś dla Waszych żon, dziewczyn, kochanek, lewizn… :))

Seriale: Fargo (TV series) (s01e01)

Gry: SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (Mac) (yyyes!)

Muzyka: Cabeiri – Self Insider (coś psybientowego), VA – Top 40 Ambient Tracks (zajebista psybientowa składanka – Thorin, bierz śmiało!)

Miłego ssania i oglądania!

Fargo (TV series)

In 2012, it was announced that FX was developing a new television series based on the Academy Award-winning film Fargo with the Coen brothers as executive producers. It was later announced that adaptation would be a 10-episode limited series. On August 2, 2013, it was announced that Billy Bob Thornton had signed on to star in the series. On September 27, 2013, Martin Freeman also signed on to star. On October 3, 2013, it was announced that Colin Hanks was cast in the role of Duluth Police Deputy Gus Grimly. Production began in fall 2013 with filming taking place in and around Calgary, Alberta.

Lorne Malvo wrecks a car after a herd of deer crosses his path on a rural highway. A nearly naked man bolts from the trunk into the snowy woods nearby. In town, Lester Nygaard meets Sam Hess, a former high school bully, who causes him to break his nose after reacting to a fake punch. At the hospital, Nygaard and Malvo, suffering a head wound from the crash, sit beside each other. Nygaard relates the story to Malvo, who suggests killing Hess to prevent a future incident. Nygaard neither approves nor condemns the idea, but Malvo later kills Hess. Meanwhile, Sheriff Thurman and Deputy Solverson investigate both the car wreck and Hess’s death. They learn Nygaard spoke to someone at the hospital with injuries similar to those from the wreck about Hess. Thurman goes to question Nygaard, who has killed his nagging wife, and Malvo kills Thurman, but not before he radios for help. Malvo disappears and Nygaard knocks himself out to make the deaths look like a home invasion.

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