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Man in the High Castle

12 Monkeys! The Man In The High Castle!

Dziś polecam głównie serialowe nowości: 12 Monkeys i The Man in the High Castle. Pierwszy produkcji SyFy, co nie wróży zbyt dobrze acz po świetnym pierwszym sezonie Z Nation SyFy ma u mnie duży kredyt zaufania; drugi produkcji Amazona i po pierwszych recenzjach sądząc odchodzący od książki ale i tak ponoć niezły. Zobaczymy, prawda? :)




  • Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor


The Man in the High Castle

As a longtime fan of Philip K. Dick’s novel, I was definitely interested when I read that Amazon had ordered a pilot. Now that I’ve seen it, I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The acting is good and the production values are excellent, as the crew did a superb job of bringing to life an alternate 1962 America. But perhaps Frank Spotnitz’s greatest success is in his management of the source material, as his script remains pretty faithful to PKD’s novel within the parameters of a 1-hour pilot. I would love to see Amazon make this a series, not only to see how Spotnitz and his team adapt the rest of the novel, but also to see where they might take it in seasons to come.

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